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SchneiderMike Product Design and Storytelling – branding, product and design for your company

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Same Boring Story

You are drinking your own kool-aid. You are in love with your product and all of the great things it can do. To take the market by storm, you have to go beyond.

Work with Mike

You put it all on the line to go to market. Now you need to meaningfully get in front of your audience so they want to do business with you.

Stand Out Because of What You Stand For

Your brand is a function of your product, culture and your audience.

This means it is ever evolving. Brands are the foundation for every type of message the company communicates. As your products and culture progress and your audience gets creative and gives feedback, your brand evolves. It is a fluid thing that needs to be built on a solid framework that takes today into account -and is big enough to encompass your vision for the future.